The platform for European Digestive Surgery • Founding member of the United European Gastroenterology Federation


The Federation has grown out of an initiative by the ISDS to bring all the European National Representations together in order to stimulate growth, innovation and communications.

With these new developments we are most certain to increase the level of service to members and will make the EFISDS as an excellent vehicle and platform of innovation for our discipline in surgery.

With an era behind us where many discipline focus groups have reported their findings, its our vision that the time has come to place the patient at the centre of the process with a multi discipline approach and the renewed integration of the various specialties in Digestive Surgery.

Our vision is to run a prudent and truly up to date Federation of European Digestive Surgical Society using the latest methodologies taking in account the ever changing needs of todays surgeon and surgeon in training.

Rather than the purely surgical discipline driven approach, the EFISDS prefers to focus more on the disease as a whole, taking in account all the skill sets required to deliver the optimal outcome. This also includes non technical skills such as public relations, understanding of media technologies and the development of educational skills and technologies.

EFISDS is all about education and training, supporting and engaging in on-line discussion and collaboration platforms, live surgery web transmissions and streaming video.

The aim is to enhance the dialogue between the focus groups and to stimulate training and education by providing quality on line-mentoring.

This all to bring together the refreshing and innovative findings from member European Surgeons and Professionals in the field of Digestive Surgery working together in an ever increasing global environment with its associated challenges.

Please do not hesitate to contact our new secretariat which is seated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

We look forward, together in the EFISDS, to chart the future of Digestive Surgery!