The platform for European Digestive Surgery • Founding member of the United European Gastroenterology Federation


The charter at the EFISDS is to provide the best educational support for our members. It is simply our duty with the present shift in demographics across the globe to ensure that surgeons everywhere will at all times have access to best practice professional development.

With the winds of change blowing in full force throughout the world there is no denying that young and upcoming surgeons must be prepared and equipped to face an ever increasing demand on their capabilities as the baby boomers generation is slowly heading into retirement, reducing available expertise both qualitative as well as quantitative to the global populace at large.

Changes in technology, patient expectations and an increasing demand for quality and audit from regulatory authorities in all European countries create the need for regular updates on the latest advances in surgical practice.

EFISDS will concentrate its efforts on providing high level Post Graduate Courses across the full spectrum of disciplines within the field of Digestive Surgery.
In addition EFISDS will take extra interest in the more remote areas of Europe where such support to date has been insufficient.

As the digital landscape in learning is ever developing, EFISDS will endeavor to pursue on line learning through downloadable content, a brisk mentoring program, on line discussion and other media

EFISDS welcomes initiative and therefore encourages members and / or their colleagues to participate in these initiatives with suggestions, shared opportunities and other potential resources to ensure that EFISDS will fulfill its charter and mission.

Stand by for more information or do not hesitate to contact our secretariat should you wish to do so.